The Cost to Improve

Sometimes your desire to make a better world or do good is being tested by a system. A system that appears to be there to help you make it better, but when dealing with it, looks more intent in bogging you down and maintaining a certain status quo. What gives?

Some time ago I encountered a bug. Nothing big, nothing critical, but annoying enough that I decided to register a ticket to the company involved so they could look into it, hopefully even solve it. So I completed the ticket, got a prompt response that the ticket had been registered. Followed by many more messages to provide more details. And more details. After a few times of back and forth, the flow stopped. For the next few days: Nothing. Asking for an update: Nothing. For the next few weeks: Nothing. Months further, no update, no feedback and no response.


"Is the cost to improve, too high?"


I know the ‘problem’ is still present in their service. They still happily take suggestions to improve. But they somehow forget to (automate) updates on those suggestions or solve things. Is the cost to improve too high? It seems so for said company, but also for me since nothing seems to happen.

Sometimes improving the world is a game of persistence. If your company is keen on improving itself every day, taking suggestions from a website: follow up. Or remove that button from your website and the illusion of this improvement-culture.


Are you costs to improve too high? Need help assessing it, or finding a solution? Let me know and be in touch to discuss.