We have come a long way: Electric Vehicles

Today I shared the story of Better Place with someone who was also active in the electric vehicle industry and it made me realize we have come a long way. I remember when I started out in 2010 with Electric Vehicles. Cars didn't go far enough, not fast enough and more of those EV myths we have grown to love to hate. The myths can still be found in discussions, despite them being debunked all the time.

In the Netherlands we have seen a nice uptake of electric vehicles; every year it starts to look more and more like the hockey stick. As of last month, we have over 60.000 elecitric vehicles in the Netherlands. I can only imagine how fast this transition will play out to be, where we have accelerated to in a few more years:

  • Autonomous cars were a pipe dream and are starting to materialize.
  • Gigafactories of demand were beyond the imagination of many.
  • Car Sharing was just a niche.

Who would have thought. Is this also part of growing up, or old?