Defending Status Quo

Why is it that new technology has to prove itself of being worthy of attention, while most of the status quo is never questioned like that? The Status Quo is not something a lot of people claim to be defending; it has an ‘Old World’ ring to it. However, when looking at introducing new technologies, the new tech often gets compared to the status quo and has to convince others. The status quo is quietly accepted and left as is.

Take for example installing solar panels on your house. When looking at solar panels for your house, the return on investment is quickly brought up. The alternative to solar panels, using a grid connection, don’t receive this kind of scrutiny. People building a new house can just get a grid connection without ever considering the return on this investment.

The same holds true for things that we consider ‘standard’, or ‘normal’. How many people make a similar assessment when buying a new car, kitchen or bathroom. Imagine trying to get your return on investment on a new bathroom or kitchen, can you then still warrant the amount of luxury you are about to install? Where would you compare a kitchen with:

  • Eating out every day?
  • Having take out dinners every day?
  • Not eating at all?

As absurd as the exercise is, it shows that most of us never consider it at all. It seems to me that the status quo never gets checked or does not have to defend itself, which in itself is interesting.