Due to Hype?


Blockchain is a field still filled with hype, despite the cleansing effects of last years exodus. News on successful projects are always good, just beware of claims being made. This projects by Carrefour looks like it has added real value, the question pops up what is the real cause:

“The pomelo sold faster than the year before due to blockchain,” Delerm said. “We had a positive impact on the chicken versus the non-blockchain chicken.” - Emmanuel Delerm, Blockchain Project Manager, Carrefour

Some publications still rely on the hype if you see how things are spun:

“French Retail Chain Carrefour Registers Sales Boost Following Blockchain Integration” - Cointelegraph

Or if you go back to the source, which paints a fairer picture:

Carrefour says blockchain tracking boosting sales of some products“ - Reuters

I’m all for celebrating successful projects, but I’d say the key was not the use of blockchain:

  • If chicken being labeled as ‘blockchain-chicken’ with a sort of sticker leads to increased sales, it very much buys into the hype.
  • If the ability to trace food was the determining factor, it could have also been achieved without resorting to blockchain.

The first is like the case of Long Island Iced Tea changing its name to Long Blockchain end of 2017. The latter would make more (common) sense and describes value. For your project, look for real added value and avoid requiring plain hype.