Applying Blockchain


When companies start to explore blockchain, there is a large focus on getting use cases. For some it seems the more use cases that can be found, the better. I remember a report claiming to have found 200 use cases for blockchain within the energy industry, which caussed quite a stir. Looking into the details of these 200, a lot of them could be grouped together as a number of P2P cases. In all fairness, at an abstract level, only about 4-6 remain. Doing P2P for electricity or for some other product, is very 'same-same, but different'.

A recent post by Jesse Morris from EWF on North American Clean Energy has reduced the application of blockchain to three fields:

Over the next several years, we believe blockchain technology can unlock value through:

  • transitioning analog or basic digital services to blockchain-based platforms to streamline accounting
  • offering new services and products on top of deployed blockchain-based platforms
  • enabling market participants to experiment with entirely new market models

I think this is an excellent observation and can even be applied in general across different industries.