Toon: A Smart Thermostat


The Toon is a Smart Thermostat, which can control the temperature in the room, but is also a device which provides insight on energy usage.

Energy Use: Electricity & Gas

Because the Toon is connected to the Smart Meter, it can display current energy use. As soon as you switch on an appliance that consumes power, it is shown on the Toon display and in the App.

Solar Panels

When you have solar panels, the power from them is registered on the meter and also on Toon. This requires a small extra component to install though. Always nice to see how many kWh was generated vs consumed during a nice sunny day! But also I’ve been amazed by the generation during the day in not-so-sunny days.


Smart Plugs, Lights, etc

Toon can be connected to other smart devices to interact. This can be a smart plug or smoke detector from Fibaro, or some Philips Hue lights. These are officially supported. I also have a Homey from Athom that can be connected. In that way the Toon can be used to interact with other smart devices in my home. I’ve tested this and it has worked. Lately the connection is broken, Quby claims the API is up and running without any issues. On the Github of the Homey-Toon App and the Homey User Forum it appears more people are having trouble with the app.


When you register your friends code in Toon, you can compare how well you perform with them. Alternatively, you can compare your energy consumption matched with similar, but anonymous households. The last comparison that is possible, is to check how your actual consumption is doing versus the estimated usage by Eneco. Always good to see you’re beating the estimate!

Interested in more?

If you are working at a utility and would like to get Toon to work for your clients, please check out the Toon website. If you want to get a Toon at your house, please do check the customer page at Eneco.