ICO Heavy Lifters

With the dynamics in the decentralised industry surrounding ICO's, a point worth repeating is that the token buyers are unlike VC's. When it comes to their involvement with the company or token, their ties are often loosely at best. I think this is even more important when you see the quote from Fred Wilson at AVC when discussing the need for Heavy Lifters during troubling times.

"When you are picking investors, you should call around and check references. Ask about this stuff. Find out who does the heavy lifting and who goes along for the ride. Pick the one who does the heavy lifting. Because you will need it, frequently." - Fred Wilson, AVC

From: Doing The Heavy Lifting - AVC

In the case of Uber, it helped that the investors helped with the much needed turn-around by having the hard discussion. I can not imagine that a few million token holders will feel as involved with a token and have a similarly hard discussion for a similar turn-around.