Got it.

I am quite aware of the many others that know more about blockchain than I do, even though I have read about them for close to two years now. I am always happy to see that when I try and explain what it is, quite quicky some people grasp the concept of peer-2-peer transactions. Responding with a: 'So we can do peer-2-peer energy trading as well then?' to me is a sign they got the basics for any further discussion.

The peer-2-peer energy use case is by far the most discussed use case within the energy business, but also the most obvious one. In an industry build on selling energy, it is the obvious translation from the current business to blockchain. The world is still in search for the 'Killer App' which combines blockchain to an energy related use case. Having seen many variations, I'm sure we have only been prodding in the tip of an iceberg. A long road of discovery is still ahead of us.