Electric Vehicles Netherlands September 2015

The latest statistics for the number of electric vehicles are in again, with data up to and including september. The data is, as always, based on the number of vehicle registrations and it is collected by RVO.

This month they added a nice little bonus by supplying data not only for the Top 5 of most registrered types of electric vehicles, but they expanded on this to feature a full Top 10.

Top 5 EV becomes Top 10

RVO supplied more data and has expanded this to a Top 10 last month. More data and more brands who are into the fun of these statistics. It will be interesting to see how this develops over time. The Nissen e-NV200 is listed twice, but the second entry is the Evalia type, which is a small passenger van. The 'normal' eNV200 is the delivery van type.

For more details and other grapsh, please visit the special Electric Vehicles Netherlands page set up for this purpose.