In Memoriam: Wubbo Ockels

Space & Physics

Wubbo Ockels passed away recently, a childhood hero of mine is gone. I first saw him in the news when he was 'our' astronaut in space. It instilled in me the desire to become an astronaut as well when I was 5 or so in that time. I ended up studying physics like him, but that was not really because of him (I believe).

It was his time out in space that made him realize the vulnerability of our little blue planet. After he returned he became active in preserving our earth and has headed various initiatives for sustainable energy.

"We are all astronauts on spaceship earth" - Wubbo Ockels


After his return from space Wubbo is a changed man; realising how fragile our earthly existence is he gets involved in protecting our planet, from us. He gets involved with sustainable energy and a variety of other initiatives. His words 'We are all astronauts of spaceship earth' are legendary.

Happy Energy

His last letter stroke a chord with me; his initiative of Happy Energy. He almost called it a religion, for its inclusion of everybody on this planet. It is a matter which affects us all here, truly asking for a united approach from each and everyone of us.

Rest in Peace

May he rest in peace, for he inspired many of us. May we realise his vision sooner, rather than later, for we still live here on this magnificent planet.