37667 Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands

Ever increasing numbers, last month shows the climb has continued again. There are currently 37667 Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands, based on the vehicle regitration data. Courtesy for the data goes to RVO who supplies this data every month.

EV NL Graph

The biggest category still remains the EREV/PHEV, but also the FEV is showing a good increase again. Things seem to have restored to levels from before the sprint of last year.

EV NL Table
EV NL Percentages

Top 5 Overviews

The Top 5 Overview for both the FEV and the EREV/PHEV remains unchanged in the order of car models. For the EREV/PHEV The Outlander still remains the top contender in ths list, a remarkable achievement given that is is only on sale for such a relatively brief period.

Top 5 EREV PHEV Graph

For the FEV category, the Tesla Model S is still the king of the hill. With just 3 datapoints it is not providing much of a graph yet, but that will change over the summer. The newer models and the larger population, does appear to grow the quickest so far. Let's see how this develops the coming months.

Top 5 EV

Charing Infrastructure

The data for the charging infrastructure has been dynamic lately with all the changes that are being made to it. Some chargers were taken offline to be relocated, some other differentiation has been applied that forced chargers to shift categories and also chargers which were marked to be publicly available, have now been categorized as being privately owned (and not shown in numbers anymore).

I'll just copy the data that is provided, though with all these recalibrations it becomes less than ideal to track month-to-month progress on. Hopefully this has leveled out towards the end of the year.

A note is on the sharp increase for the Fast chargers, from 70 to 172, which is fantastic, though I do not recall a big press announcement from anyone who has recently opened so many fast chargers in one go. Unless they have taken the upcoming opening from a lot of the FastNed chargers into account already, though I'm quite sure they are not operational in such large numbers yet.

NL Chargers Table
Chargers NL Graph


Good data to approach our summer holidays with. I expect the coming few months to be a little slower again, but I don't mind being surprised in this field.