Wood for Construction - Skyscrapers and Cars


Wooden Skyscrapers?

I have recently watched Michael Green his TED talk on Wooden Skyscrapers. He advocates using wood in a special way to build large buildings. It makes sense; wood is more sustainable and people often associate a wooden interior with a pleasant atmosphere.

Wood can be used in a high strength construction, is fire safe and when compared to concrete it even has a positive effect on carbon emissions.


A Woods Electic Car in 1905 - Made from, naturally, wood.

Woods Electric Car - 1905

I wonder if we will ever see a return of a car made of wood on a large scale. They used to have them, but the use of wood was ironed out. With a renewed focus on sustainability, there is a new quest for lighter, but also more sustainable materials. Could wood be one of them, besides for example aluminium and carbon fiber?