Racing Electric Cars in Paris or New York?

Paris, a stunning backdrop for Formula E?

Paris, a stunning backdrop for Formula E?

With the Formula E Championship coming closer and closer (september 2014) it might be too soon to start wondering about the second season already. It does not stop some to consider future cities to host races such as Paris and New York. I personally found it odd that for example Paris, home of the FIA itself was not part of the line up for the first season.


Having been there a few times, of which one trip was to visit the FIA HQ, it becomes clear that there are a huge number of historical landmarks that would provide a stunning back drop. Also, most roads are wide (8 meter plus?) and a lack of speedbumps would make a Formula E Race possible.

“Paris is ready. A street race in the centre of Paris. We have been looking at every place in Paris, but there are really cool places where you have all the monuments in the background.” - Alejandro Agag

The Big Apple, ready for Formula E?

The Big Apple, ready for Formula E?

New York

The other location that is mentioned is New York. Having a strong interest in electric vehicles to show off, they would make a good qualifier. Also some potentially stunning back drops can be found there as well.


As for which other cities are good candidates to host a race; I think there are plenty to pick from. I think it is more a matter for a city to provide an attractive proposition in a timely manner. It take a good race track, a proper link with electric vehicles, some good landmarks and a big name sponsor. Which city would you like to see added to the roster for 2015/2016 season?

Photo Paris
Photo New York