Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands: An end to the Rush?

01 EV NL Graph.jpg

With the latest data in for the electric vehicle registrations in the Netherlands as supplied by RVO (former Agentschap NL) it becomes clear that the sprint of last December really had to do with the change in tax benefits: It has almost come to a full stop. It makes sense, that with such a change in the incentives it made people register their EV a lot earlier so that for the next few months perhaps there will be noticeably less registrations.

02 EV NL Data.jpg

I'm confident however that the pace will be picked up again this year, even though this might look like a setback. We all know that subsidizing something is not designed to last forever and this decreasing of the tax benefits had to come at some point.

03 EV NL Growth.jpg

The Top5 of registered electric vehicles remains the same with a slight increase on some models. It does seem that a few of those Mitsubishi Outlanders PHEV have been exported elsewhere though.

04 EV Top5 Graph.jpg
05 EV Top 5 Data.jpg