Charging the ZOE


The Renault ZOE. Some have been lucky enough to have driven it already, from the specs and the stories; it truly is an amazing car. There appear to be some (initial) problems with charging the ZOE and I aim to help find a solution to it.

The ZOE is small and compact as we tend to like it more in Europe. The Chameleon Charger technology that allows it to charge at three different powers and something Renault calls the 'Range OptimiZEr'. 

The Chameleon Charger technology allows the ZOE to charge at various charging stations and makes it suitable for various charging powers: 

  1. Special Rapid chargers, using 43 kW (3 Phase) 
  2. Public charging stations ranging from 7kW - 22kW
  3. Up to 7kW at standard wall chargers at home

The 'Range OptimiZEr' technology has three main components that help reduce energy consumption for the ZOE: 

  1. Improved regenerative braking, recouping more energy from slowing down
  2. The Heat Pump to warm the car interior more efficiently
  3. Special Michelin Energy E-V tyres to lower rolling resistance

From my friend Martin Messer Thomson from EV Test in Danmark I got a worrying message of problems with charging the Renault ZOE in Germany and Danmark. It appears that at some chargers the ZOE can start to charge for a few seconds, but then stops for no reason. 

It is therefore I decided to log these incidents and see if we can derive a pattern from it. If you happen to have access to a Renault ZOE and are experiencing problems with charging it as described above, please help us all out by providing some data in the form below.


Disclaimer: The data I collect here will be used for this research only and to help solve these issues. Should you want to receive an update afterwards, please leave your mail address, which will only be used for this purpose only. Fields marked with an * are required, the others are optional. The more data you can and are willing to provide, the better this can help to solve these issues.

The research has ended, the findings have been shared with the aim to improve the situation. Thanks all for helping!

Roelof Reineman9 Comments