A Chevy Volt with Wings?

An electric plane with a range extender, that is what is on the drawing board at EADS. It uses a combination of electric fans and an efficient gas turbine to fly, while cruising it can recharge the batteries for the electric fans. It even features some form of regenerative braking, where during descent the electric fans can be used windmilling and generate power that way. 

Also notice how this technology allows the design to become more aerodynamic; electric fans are a lot smaller and can be fitted at the back of the wing instead of being mounted under it. The turbine is mounted at the rear and can do with the air that is traveling over the body, also reducing the drag that would create normally. 

A truly amazing piece of engineering art and I hope they can speed up getting this thing to fly for real!

Because they can be much smaller than the fan-jet engines of today, they don’t have to hang from the wing, and are instead placed where they create less drag, and can also re-energize the air out the back reducing drag from the airplane’s turbulent wake. A single turbine engine in the tail ingests boundary layer air from the top of the fuselage in an effort to further reduce overall drag.
— http://www.wired.com/autopia/2013/07/eads-ethrust-hybrid-airliner/