Dutch EV Numbers - May 2013

The latest vehicle registration data got in for May this year, showing the current state of EV in the Netherlands. Thanks to AgentschapNL for publishing this data! 

2013-05 - EV NL.jpg

Currently there are 9612 EVs registered in the Netherlands, a steady increase putting us well in place for the ambition to get to 20.000 EVs bij 2015. 

2013-05 - EV NL - Data.jpg

The Top 5 of best sold EVs remains unchanged, with each model expanding on their numbers here: 

2013-05 - EV NL - Top 5.jpg

Charging infrastructure in the Netherlands is also on the increase, there are 4813 charging points available in the Netherlands, that is public, semi-public and quick chargers combined.  

2013-05 - Charging Graph.jpg
2013-05 - Charging Infrastructure.jpg
Roelof ReinemanComment