EV Data November Netherlands

We have just passed the 20.000 electric vehicle mark in the Netherlands last month, such great news! There is really a noticeable rampup before the end of the year, next year tax policies will change and everybody is trying to get in on it before it changes. Mostly the Plug-Ins and Range Extender vehicles are king of the game now, even making up the entire Top 5 of the vehicles now, pushing out the Nissan Leaf from the Top 5 this month.

Top 5 Models

The top 5 of this month is made up entirely of PHEV and EREV models, the Nissan Leaf has stood its ground for a long time, but is now passed by the new leaders of this board:

EVSE Statistics

The data issue of last month is not resolved yet, but I have contacted the various serouces as listed by Agentschap NL about it; there have been some changes over the course of summer, but not as large as suggested by the data. Changes that were done in the field/data from their side were mostly involved with relocating EVSE that was used less frequently and moved it to more suitable locations. The main reason that I suspect is at hand here now based on all the discussions I had now is that there has been a change in the definition in the various types of chargers. That would explain a shift between the categories, but not a total decrease as we see. I'm afraid this issue is still pending and will get some more love and attention from me.