Nissan Leaf, no Liquid Cooling Still?


Nissan is going to release a new battery chemistry for their Nissan Leafs. The car made headlines over a year ago when drivers in hot(ter) climates were seeing a larger battery degradation because of the higher average outside temperatures. But considering the other OEMs, was this a strategic step forward?

From: Nissan Leaf Likely To Get 'Hot Weather' Battery In Next Year

Nissan is readying a new lithium-ion chemistry for its Leaf electric car, aimed at better range performance in hot-weather climates. And it's likely bound for all Leaf models in the first half of next year.

The other OEMs have not faced similar problems, but then again, they use a liquid cooling system to keep their battery packs at a healthy temperature. So was implementing a new battery chemistry really cheaper, or a better way to go forward to improve the Nissan Leaf? Or was this something they were working on anyway and will we see a Nissan Leaf with a liquid cooled battery pack in the next version of the car?

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