Peak Car and EV Adoption


While there still is debate on 'Peak Car', more and more evidence is being collected that the US for example is getting less and less cars. It is a trend that is also happening in Europe. People own less cars and use cars less. It is especially noticeable among the younger generations, the Millenials.

More Evidence That America May Have Reached 'Peak Car'

I quickly ditched my car for a number of reasons: easy access to public transportation, high auto insurance rates in D.C., and the general hassle of owning a car in a city. There's also the thrill of riding a bicycle through gridlocked traffic, a feeling that any urban bicyclist will describe with glee.

Combining Peak Car with the uptake of Electric Vehicles on our streets, means we get less cars over time, but also that the ratio of EVs will increase even quicker! The increase in pace of EV adoption can also be seen in the statistics for the number of Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands in my previous post. The rate seems be ever increasing.

Electric Vehicles Approach Tipping Point

When the first hybrid cars hit the streets, people would point and stare, even stop owners on the street to ask questions. Was it a fad? A novelty? A toy for green enthusiasts? Time has proven otherwise. In the first quarter of last year, the hybrid Toyota Prius was the third best-selling family car in the world. When the latest generation of plug-in electric cars hit the mass market three years ago, they evoked the same mix of reactions as hybrids did: enthusiasm, curiosity, and some skepticism. However, they’re selling at more than twice the rate at which the first widely available hybrids left dealers’ lots.

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