EV Data Netherlands: Growth and some Decline?

The latest data is in, due to some design work I wanted to do on the blog first, this has been postponed a bit. Last month we finally broke the 15.000 registered electric vehicles, part of the goal as it has been outlined by our Dutch government (15.000-20.000 by 2015).

The numbers are based on the data as provided by Agentschap NL which gets their data from the vehicle registrations. In more detail:

And the growth percentages (month over month):

This sudden sprint towards the end of this year is I think mainly caused by the change on tax benefits on clean vehicles which are ending next year. Clean vehicles still get some benefit, but less than is the case now. For some brands this results in vehicles being bought and registered now, while they will be delivered to their client early next year in some cases, just to get the tax benefit.

Top 5

The top 5 shows Volvo taking the number 2 spot now, but what is also seen is that the number 5 spot, the Nissan Leaf, is seeing a decreasing number. Not much, but something that is puzzling me.

Charging Infrastructure

This data has been missing from my last few posts since I found an irregularity within the data. Having consulted a few parties I have not managed to clear why there is a decrease in the number of installed chargers. The gap in the chart is due to the summer break, though the reduction in the number remains a mystery still. To be continued?

Also a noticeable is the slight decline in the number of quick chargers with a few. I'm guessing it is because a few went offline for repairs or maintenance, let's see what the next few months show as a correction.