Wrap-Up: Charging the ZOE


Some time ago I asked around to help listing all the potential problems when charging your Renault ZOE, as I have heard on some problems with charging these cars in Germany and Denmark. Some time has passed, some data has been collected and some peeople have contacted me directly with some explanations. This post is to sum up the results.

There have been 18 cases reported during this research, of which four appeared to have a problem with charging their Renault ZOE. Knowing this is not a broad statistical basis to conclude too general statements on, it appears the problems I heard of are not much bigger than the few cases that came to my attention earlier.



The few cases in which there have been problems are listed below:

In summary, the chargers which seem to work ok with the ZOE are listed in this table:


A direct link to the Google Doc data: 




I have had quite some discussions and learned a lot from the charging process. I also have been in contact with the Renault HQ in Paris who have picked up on this news; they were very helpful in explaining matters and were interested to learn of these issues.

In short; Renault is taking some extra safety measures when it comes to charging at higher than average powers. Wether or not these measures are justified is still open for discussion on the various Linked In groups I frequent, on the other hand: If you can make sure something is truly safer, how much do you want to compromise?

Their systems check if the power that is being supplied to the ZOE is stable enough, as soon as the system has doubts of the charging equipment's integrity, the charging is stopped. Renault is working with the various providers to get their "ZE Ready" badges on the checked and approved equipment. In the meantime; if you want to charge your ZOE, look for this sticker/badge. When the location is "ZE Ready", charging is possible. When the location is not marked to be "ZE Ready" yet, it can be possible to charge there with the 11-43 kW AC, but there is also a chance it might fail.

For now, the collected data will be handed over to Renault and some charging service providers. I will also contact the people who helped gather this data and update them with these results. I would like to thank all the participants for their assistance, the charging service providers and Renault for their time and look forward to more of these collaborations in the future! Together we can smooth the introduction of the electric vehicle such as the ZOE in our daily commutes. 



In case of any questions, feel free to contact me through one of the approved, tried & tested methods here