Sept 2013: 13144 Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands

I've updated the latest data for electric vehicles in the Netherlands again, there are now a total of 13144 EVs in the Netherlands which are registered. Data is obtained via AgentschapNL, which uses the registration data from RDW. 

The biggest increase in september was seen in the EREV/PHEV category, but also the roll out of the Model S has increased the FEV nicely. The relative increases (month over month) are: 

The increase in the EREV/PHEV category is mainly due to the popular Volvo V60 PHEV as can also be seen in the data for the Top 5 popular models: 

Congratulations to Volvo for this succes with their V60 PHEV, if they can keep up this pace they are soon a top player in this market. At this rate, a total of 15.000 EVs by the end of this year seems within reach now, let's keep this up!