I like tech that truly benefits people and makes the world a nicer place. Good technology is invisible; it just works without getting in the way. I love building and creating our future. Why I get up every day is:

“Helping people apply Tomorrow's Technology Today!”

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I love learning about new, abstract technologies and explore how they can be applied today. I enjoy working towards improving our future, as a future can still be moulded and is full of potential. I have a knack for breaking down and clarifying the complex and abstract, distilling it to insights that lead to actionable innovation for today.

  • For me as an engineer, technology has always had a magical appeal to me. From my degree in physics I have learned to reason from first principles and build from there.
  • As an entrepreneur, I want to add value to the world. I turn a business model upside-down and combine the best technology and questions assumptions as I go.

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